Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Simple Solution for Shaun and Lana?

If you read Shaun's own account of what happened -- you will see that he has encountered a store (apparently only ONE store) in the past that changed their mind about having accepted the Liberty Dollar currency. This store was a Blockbuster Video in Rockford. Shaun used a $5 1/4 ounce silver Liberty to rent a movie, and the next time he came in they asked him if he would give them regular FRNs.

Shaun has no problem buying back his silver Liberties from stores that changed their minds. Why wasn't this suggested as a solution from the beginning? If a guy is using silver instead of worthless paper currency in your town, and you don't like it (yes you, Walworth Police) why not just ask the guy to stop? If the stores didn't want it, why did they accept it? If they simply didn't know what it was, they shouldn't have taken it and should train their clerks better. According to Shaun, he has never misrepresented the currency -- in fact he's a registered and licensed distributor of the currency -- so he's probably familiar with how it works!

Instead of spending thousands of dollars and countless man hours on this -- why wasn't it suggested that he just buy back his silver from the stores in the first place? The cops could even have asked him to not use the currency in "their" town. The stores could have told Shaun that they made a harmless mistake by accepting it, and would appreciate it if he gave them FRNs instead. As a distributor, promoter, and firm believer in the value-based currency, Shaun would have been more than happy to buy it back!!!

Some police agencies use what is called "community policing" wherein they try to solve problems in the community -- not create them by "pencil whipping" innocent, well-meaning people like Shaun and Lana. If someone has no criminal intent, and no real harm has been done, why go to such great lengths to "punish" the guy? This is not community policing, and it's not problem solving. What it is, however, is stirring up business and profit for the town, county, and state. That's right -- those thousands upon thousands of dollars charged to the real victims (those arrested) for bond go somewhere -- probably in some pockets too. They go to build big, fancy, marble-walled courthouses that can handle hundreds of other victims each day as well. It all comes down to business and money. This is why cops are out issuing tickets instead of fighting criminals like violent gang members.

We will post the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the businesses that were involved. They should be politely contacted and encouraged to seek a simple resolution for this matter as well.