Friday, October 19, 2007

Liberty Dollar Arrest Fund Raising

A young couple, now married, were arrested in May for using Liberty Dollars in Walworth County, Wisconsin. Shaun and Svetlana Kranish were both arrested, after Shaun offered both Liberty Dollars and FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes – typical green “cash” or “money”) to an outdoor ice cream stand in the Village of Walworth. Shaun and Svetlana (Lana) went on to spend the night in jail – solitary confinement for Lana – and then spend over $5,500 the next day in order to get out and get their minivan back. The alleged felony charges – three each for Shaun and Lana – which never appeared in paper, and were used solely to extract this large sum of money from the couple’s family, never did surface on paper or electronically.

Misdemeanor charges of “theft – false representation” and “as a party to a crime” were then lodged against Shaun and Lana. They have since been forced, in an attempt to secure their safety from the state, to hire two separate attorneys, to raise the total costs on paper to nearly $12,000. All of this and much more is the result of using, or attempting to use, a few Liberty Dollar solid .999 pure silver pieces for trade at three stores in the town. The Liberty Dollars were happily accepted at the other two establishments, but were frowned upon at the ice cream stand and instead of accepting the green paper U.S. “cash”, Dari Ripple/Drive-In in Walworth, WI – had Shaun and Lana arrested.

It doesn’t seem to matter to the state of Wisconsin that Lana wasn’t even present when Shaun offered the valuable silver in exchange for inexpensive food, or that she had no part in any transactions. Lana, an immigrant from Russia, is now unable to become a citizen due to the ongoing prosecution, leave the country, or see her family whom she’s not see in over three years. Shaun and Lana have offered to give the three businesses “cash” in exchange for the silver, if those businesses really don’t want the silver, but this is not enough for the state. Shaun and Lana must now fight and pay thousands more to go to trial and hope to be found innocent and avoid jail sentences, all over a few exchanges valued at less than $15.

Shaun and Lana have begun a fund raiser, which can be found at, and are asking for any other concerned citizens who support real money to donate to their legal defense fund. Shaun and Lana can accept both FRNs (checks, money orders, PayPal, credit card, etc) or real silver and gold money. Plase visit the above website today for more information on the arrests, the fund raiser, and other ways you can help out! Free trade, real money, and justice are at stake here today. Trial is currently scheduled for Lana on Nov. 8th and 9th. Please take action today and help this brave and patriotic couple.